Friday, January 9, 2009

End Homophobia

34. An African American Buddhist man is not concerned with the sexual preferences of other people. (pg. 6)

Homophobia in the African American community is a remnant of a historical past who vestiges extend back to African culture. Despite the prevalence of anti-gay sentiments in the black Christian community a man who converts to Buddhism must choose acceptance and compassion for all human beings. Homophobia must leave the mind forever. If not, no amount of Buddhist study, training, or practice will suffice as a substitute. To choose Buddhism is to let go of the past, to become a more caring and loving human being, and to avoid harming others through prejudice and past cultural proclivity.

9 in Senegal to Be Jailed for 8 Years: "Anti-gay sentiment has been on the rise across Africa in recent years. Nigeria’s Parliament tried to pass a law last year that would restrict the rights of homosexuals to even meet to discuss their rights. Gambia’s president threatened to behead any homosexuals found in his country. And even in Senegal, one of the most liberal and tolerant countries in Islamic Africa, tensions over homosexuality have been on the rise...(where) nine men were handed harsh sentences of eight years in prison after being tried on charges of conspiracy and “unnatural acts,” a term used to criminalize homosexuality"

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